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Just once you think that the movie begins to catch some sort of rhythm, per song of the article to submit certain stupid situations into the film.The method the movie ended up being finished leaves a great deal become desired. Since manager foresaw an outcome, the conclusion ended up being held available. That the role concerning Prithvi comedy episode and could become conveniently eliminated to make the movie crispy.The role concerning Aravind Krishna ended up being in addition a bit blurred. That the manager have not shown some sort of lead motives why he's looking for treasure. That it looks pretty dull, and may end up being the manager might focus additional upon its characterization, its role could have become effective enough.It could have become really great if the tracks are taken out of the movie. These include that the execution time and come that barriers into the movie. Individuals rational rationale to character are in addition lacking into the movie.the camera work with the movie is actually a big in addition. The movie offers recommended, and also is shot amazingly. background rating out of R P Patnaik is actually yet another great choice towards the film. Even though scenes inside second half have always been lack luster, the music out of R P raises them in order to a decent standard.Dialogues have always been from the package, and now have zero reference to the annals additionally the modifying is actually bad needed. Since said before, the facts line is fairly good, nevertheless the means it was run simply by the manager is actually inferior.