The Pine chainless, located at 23 Duane street, is a model still behind, so that we have not been able to see a finished sample or even any working part. The general appearance is that of the Sager gear, the shaft being tubular and revolving outside the stay as in that type. The gears are claimed to be really spur gears with teeth cut square; that is, essentially so, for there must be some slight modification, as it is not as if two ordinary spur gears were placed at right angles and made to mesh in that position. The teeth, however, are said to be [Pg 23] square-cut, not radial; their sides are parallel, hence not pointing to the centre; the teeth are cut in a sort of trough, leaving a margin or hollow at their ends. The inventor terms his gear a “face” gear, and makes for it a number of claims, one of which is that he can and will convert any chain wheel into a Pine chainless at a cost of about $20. He likens his gear, in working, to the familiar breast drill, 바카라사이트 except that the drill has its teeth somewhat bevelled. If simplicity coupled with great strength and rigidity of frame, together with cheap construction and smooth and quiet action, are attained by this gear, as expected, it will evidently score a point among chainless models; but that straight-cut teeth can interact successfully at all with gears set at right angles or nearly so is contrary to all ideas heretofore, and in the lack of a model for examination we must forbear any opinion. The inventor’s own description is appended in justice to him: