hundred almost identical pieces, and under an hour later he'd be walkingaway with a neat ten per cent of the takings. Of course, you didn't have to use Mr Brown's services.간석오피 You could always opt to spend the rest of your life looking at a locked door. 'All right. Where is this place?' said Peachy. Teatime turned and smiled at him. 'If I'm paying you, why isn't it me who's asking the questions?' Peachy didn't even try to outstare the glass eye a second time. 'Just want to be prepared, that's all,' he mumbled. 'Good reconnaissance is the essence of a successful operation,' said Teatime. He turned and looked up at the bulk that was Banjo and added, 'What is this?'

'This is Banjo,' said Medium Dave, rolling himself a cigarette. 'Does it do tricks?' Time stood still for a moment. The other men looked at Medium Dave. He was known to Ankh- Morpork's professional underclass as a thoughtful, patient man, and considered something of an intellectual because some of his tattoos were spelled right. He was reliable in a tight spot and, above all, he was honest, because good criminals have to be honest. If he had a fault, it was a tendency to deal out terminal and definitive retribution to anyone who said anything about his brother. If he had a virtue, it was a tendency to pick his time. Medium Dave's fingers tucked the tobacco into the paper and raised it to his lips. 'No,' he said. Chickenwire tried to defrost the conversation. 'He's not what you'd call bright, but he's always useful. He can lift two men in each hand. By their necks.'