Butt lightening is the practice of lightening the skin surrounding the asshole. Many women and men nowadays are concerned about in the appearance of their most private areas. There are three main ways women and men can go about lightening their intimate areas. A cosmetic surgeon can
perform a surgical procedure of laser therapy or cryosurgery. These 2 treatments are very pricey and also come with risks, the same as any medical treatment.

An alternative asshole lightening treatment is available in some modern salons and spas. This is a very good option but many people are far too shy to go to a
beauty salon. Most women and men prefer the do it yourself
at home option, using a lightening lotion. This is also the most economical choice. The lightening is achieved
through the application of a lotion which contains a skin lightening agent. These bleaching creams work by reducing the amount of melanin in the skin. Some of the creams also
contain exfoliating components that facilitate skin peeling. anal and vaginal bleaching As the skin regenerates quickly, dead cells are sloughed off and fairer layers of skin resurface underneath.

Preparing for anal lightening, before the application of any butt lightening creams, you ought to first wax or shave if needed. Exfoliation can also be done to make the process more effective. This can be
done using a gentle exfoliating scrub. It is important to be careful, as lightening
serums must not be put on broken skin.

Which are the most ideal lightening creams to use? Due to the delicate nature of the anal area, you should always select serums containing only natural ingredients. Man made substances like hydroquinone, steroids and mercury used in many anus
lightening creams are potentially unsafe. Hydroquinone has already been banned in many countries, as studies have revealed it can cause skin problems like blistering and discoloration. It has also been linked to serious conditions like cancer.

Natural ingredients to look out for in lightening gels include Glycolic Acid, Licorice Extract,
bear berry extract, kojic acid and vitamin C. These natural ingredients work very well without the adverse side effects stemming from man made ingredients.

To ensure a safe at home lightening experience, it is vital to keep an eye out for
negative reactions. You must stop using the butt lightening gel if you notice skin blistering, excessive peeling, bleeding or unusual coloration. Prompt medical advice is recommended in this instance. It is vital to be safe with any sort of skin lightening. However when it comes to bum hole lightening, it is most important to be extra safe.