Among the cities officially visited this month by the secretary-general was Lynn, Mass., where special courtesies were extended him by Daniel Donovan and Capt. P. S. Curry, both of that city.
1897. June 6.
Secretary-General Murray addresses a meeting at Portland, Me., in behalf of the Society. James Cunningham of Portland presides.
1897. June 14.
President-General Moseley writes to James Cunningham of Portland, Me., thanking the latter for his interest in getting up the meeting in that city on the 6th inst.
1897. June 14.
Prof. Maurice Francis Egan of the Catholic University, Washington, D. C., becomes a member of the Society.
1897. June 24.
John R. Alley of Boston, Mass., forwards check for $50. Life membership fee.
1897. June 30.
Second meeting of the Council of the Society. Held in the Parker House, Boston, Mass. James Jeffrey Roche of Boston presided. Treasurer-General Linehan was authorized to make arrangements 오피알바 for the first annual field day of the Society, the same to be held at Newcastle, N. H.
1897. July.
The secretary-general visited Peabody and Salem, Mass., this month, being assisted in obtaining members there by Thomas Carroll of the former place.
1897. July 20.
Capt. John Drum, Tenth U. S. Infantry, admitted to membership.